The Galperti Subsea Design standard is a side-entry, bolted bonnet, trunnion-mounted, metal-seated design, suitable for subsea installation. The Top Entry and Fully Welded designs are also available with features suitable for subsea service.

The valve is designed for deepwater subsea installation and operation. All valve components, including gaskets are selected for specific service conditions. All sealing areas are weld overlay with Nickel Alloy material.

The valves, including flange bolting, are designed to withstand full operating pressure, pipe loads and reactions (movement and forces). The valve internal profile is properly shaped to minimize turbulence to avoid local wear, effects of erosion and to avoid any potential obstacle to the passage of pigs.

The seat and ball design guarantees the optimum flexibility and stiffness to achieve tight shut-off at the metal-to metal ball to seat sealing and at the lip sealed seat-to-body interface. All critical joint gaskets utilize our proven compact flange seal ring technology to prevent external leakage and are tailor-made to specific project design conditions and specification. Our design includes FEA verification under the most critical operating and design conditions.

The body closure design is per ASME Section VIII Div 1. The body is a weldment of forged hot formed rings. The fabricated body assembly is subjected to NDE per ASME VIII Div. 1, App. 12 on the circumferential weld joints of the body. A dye penetrant test is performed on the welded joints.

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