Galperti Tech manufactures excellence in large diameter slew bearings, using state of the art development, design manufacturing, and testing methods that maximize the experience of our senior technicians.Their knowledge of calculation methods enhance CAD/CAM design tools and FEA analysis programs. A fully integrated server based computerized system allows manufacturing control of all manufacturing phases, supply chain survey and project management.

Every application requires a unique solution. These rings are available with ring gears on inner and outer diameter and also with a gearless option. The slewing bearings are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from 200 up to 5.500 mm and over. Bearings of special design can be supplied upon request. The holes patterns for connection the bearing to the supporting structures can be easily customised to meet every requirement. These bearings are suitable for application in a wide range of products, including wind turbines, lifting and handling equipment and cranes. Under the private label G-Tech®, we offer you a wide selection including 4- and 8-point contact ball bearings, cross roller bearings, ball bearings with L-shaped rings, 3-row roller bearings and ring accelerators.

A slew bearing includes the following main elements.

  • Inner ring, shaped in turning operation from a forged ring,
  • Outer ring, shaped in turning operation from a forged ring,
  • Drills for fasteners (thru or tapped),
  • Drills for filler plug(s) and filler plug(s),
  • Balls and/or rollers,
  • Polymer based spacers or polymer/metal cages,
  • Drills for grease zercs and lubrication refill,
  • Rubber based sealing systems,
  • Integral inner or outer gear.

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