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AFF with their strategic partner, Bunbara Group bring together a powerful combination of leading edge technology, technical expertise, demanding performance standards and the capacity to supply virtually any required piping components.
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Established in Australia, Bunbara Group is 100% Aboriginal and female owned, and is one of Australia’s newest established companies specialising in the supply of piping products using a various material grades.  These include:

  • Pipelines

  • Bulk pipe

  • Fitting & flange packages

  • Ball valves & stud bolts

  • Flanges to forged fittings

  • Large OD carbon steel welded pipes to large titanium bends

  • Slew bearings


Bunbara also provides procurement, warehousing and logistics management services.


Supported by AFF, Bunbara Group has a strategic alliance with local and international mills and fabricators who are owned by one of the largest flange and forging companies in the world.


Bunbara has successfully supported key projects including Gorgon, Bayu-Undan, Pluto, North Rankin 2 (NR2), Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP) and Worsley Alumina.

Strategic located to support the oil and gas and mining industries, Bunbara has offices located in Perth, Western Australia and Brisbane, Queensland.

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