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AFF’s expertise is utilised globally, both onshore and offshore, and provides total support and supply capability from project inception throughout manufacture and construction.

As part of the Galperti Group, established in 1929, we are supported by 19 sister companies globally enabling us to inter-trade on urgent deliveries and the sharing of information and resources.

Our range of piping materials available for the oil and gas industry is considered to be the most complete, with access to global stock throughout the Group, plus the comprehensive mill-stocks kept by Galperti.


We offer a large amount of pipe, fittings and flanges on a quick delivery basis, all within your specified requirements, as well as supplying long lead time items on major projects.

Typical piping packages include:

  • Subsea Linepipe Packages

  • Riser Packages including Bends & Anchor Flanges

  • Bi-Metal Mechanically Bonded Linepipe Packages

  • Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) Piping Packages


Our dedicated Vendor Logistic program is devoted to warehousing, distribution, movement of product and testing compliance for each project allowing minute to minute knowledge of how orders are travelling and allow us to keep our customers up to date.

Wherever in the world your project is based, we can supply all your piping products and associated services for your project.

MARK RIDEOUT - include year Galperti was  founded 

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