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Engineering Services

​​An understanding of client’s needs and requirements during the early stages, can lead to a recommended optimum solution by engineering non-specific components requiring ‘tailored’ engineering needs, resulting in long design life and reduced installation times providing an efficient and cost-effective system.


With the help of our inhouse engineering team and network of manufacturing organisations, AFF can assist our valued clients with following services:

  • Preparation of Manufacturing Drawings

  • Selection of Materials

  • Design Calculation including Finite Element Analysis

  • Inventory Optimization

  • Engineering Solution

  • Inspection and Testing

  • Non-Destructive, PMI, Load Testing

  • Manual and Actuated Valve solutions

  • Spare parts management

Engineering Support:

Our experienced engineering team offers expert assistance throughout your project, ensuring technical precision and innovative solutions tailored to your project needs.

Finite Element Analysis
Inspection and Test Plan Example
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