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HSE & Quality


AFF creates safe working environments for all employees and communities affected by our work.
Personal Protection Equipment

AFF uses inhouse proprietary software called “Vendor Logistics” (VL) for the purpose of order handling and traceability. VL Certificates Module allows the business store MTC’s and to record traceable information for all products procured and supplied including the following: Material Certificate, Heat/MFG No., Lot No., Manufacturer and COO. This information is linked within the system to the specific item including the Client Purchase Order, Packing List and Supplier Purchase Order.

Today’s non-material requirements are as important as the components itself. Our progress reports are set up to provide you with a detailed overview of the order and give status on materials and non-materials compared to the original planning. Areas of concern are highlighted and – when applicable – recovery actions are indicated.


A major aspect of our projects – and within our international playing field of crucial importance – is the presentation and management of documents. To control the flow of documents we have a adequate document control system which provides us with the exact status and outstanding actions required.

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